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 A little about Me:


Sugar Artist, Home Baker, Candy Maker


          You could say that baking is in my blood.  As a little girl I often went to my grandmothers house. I loved each and every moment I got to spend with her. Visits with my grandma almost always consisted of making something in the kitchen. I'd get up on my stepstool beside her, and eagerly help her with whatever she had planned for us that day. Her love of baking inspired a love of baking in me.

     Each birthday was extra special because it meant a specialty made cake just for me. She and my mom made wedding cakes on the side, and my grandma would keep hard frosting flowers on hand. If us grandkids were good, we'd get to pick out a frosting flower to eat when we visited! I knew from early on that making cakes was something that I wanted to do. She passed away several years ago, but every cake I make reminds me of my grandma and keeps a piece of her alive in my heart.

          That is my inspiration, but who am I? I am a mom of 3 boys. I started out by making them specially birthday cakes each year just like my grandma would do for me. When I'm not baking I love to be outside hiking, camping, and enjoying nature. I love working with scouts and I love working with the special needs community.

           I believe quality is very important, and I like to make everything from scratch if possible.  I specialize in making birthday cakes covered with either butter cream frosting, or a yummy marshmallow fondant. I pay close attention to detail and work hard to make each and every cake a special creation of edible art. 

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