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Hot Chocolate Bombs

Lg $5.00 + Tax

Sm $4.00 + Tax

Buttercream Pancakes
Smash Cakes

Two layered 4" or 6" cake.

Sour Gummies

2.5 ounce bag of sour gummies. $2.19 per bag.

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Single & Multi Tiered Cakes

4",6",8",10" round and square tiered cakes. 

lego cupcakes.jpg
Cup Cakes

Order of 12 minimum per flavor. 

peanut butter cookies.jpg

Order of 12 minimum per flavor. 

Tub of cake

Tub filled with cake and frosting. Size large and small.

Cake prices:

Why aren't they listed?

Each cake is specially custom made for the customer. Cake flavors, frostings, decorations, and toppings all cost different amounts, and are not a 1 price fits all. To get a free quote please send your inquiry in the contact section, and we will get back to you with a quote. Please note prices are for custom designed products. If you have questions about how prices are figured, please read my first blog post supermarket vs homemade custom cakes to get a better understanding. Thank you for considering Melinda's Smooched by Sugar LLC for your confectionary deserts.  

(Quotes are not considered a placed order. Please see terms and conditions for more information.)

Thank you. 

Gluten Free options:

*Some products (cookies, cupcakes) can be made with Gluten Free ingredients, however we can not guarantee that the finished product will be 100% Gluten free. All items are made in a shared ingredient kitchen and may come in contact with gluten or other allergens.  

Artificial free options.

With at least a 2 weeks notice I can provide a cake without artificial food dyes.  

(Natural food dyes tend to be lighter in color. Dark colors like Red, Navy, and Black will not be able to be produced.) 

Cake Flavors

  • Vanilla

  • Chocolate

  • Peanut butter

  • Strawberry

  • Funfetti

  • Chocolate fudge cake 

  • White chocolate fudge cake

  • Dark chocolate fudge cake. 

Buttercream & Ganache

  • Vanilla 

  • Chocolate 

  • Peanut butter 

  • Strawberry 

  • Cotton Candy

  • Chocolate ganache

  • White chocolate ganache


  • Sprinkles

  • Chocolate Chips

  • Oreo's

  • Fondant (Characters and/or cover cake )

  • Modeling Chocolate

  • Chocolate drip

  • Flowers

  • Other


Flavors: Chocolate chip, Peanut butter,

No bake, Snickerdoodle, Oatmeal & others by request.


Price per dozen

Basic       $9.00 Dozen

Detailed   $15.00 Dozen 


  (Detailed is additions examples: frosting, ganache or fondant.)  

Tub of Cake:

Lg $15.00 (in 32 oz container)

Sm $8.00 (in 16 oz container)

Cinnamon rolls: $24.00 a dozen

Additional Prices

Sm Modeling chocolate character:       $5.00    

Lg  Modeling chocolate character:       $10.00      

Sm Fondant character:     $4.50            

Lg Fondant  character:     $9.50              

(Some characters may be more depending on details)                     



Delivery  fee:

Bentonville : free

Northwest AR area:  $5.00               

Buttercream Cakes
Fondant Cakes