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Cake Flavors: which to pick for your next celebration?

Updated: May 1, 2019

You have a celebration coming up, you got your cake design picked out, now what flavors will your guest like? Do you go with your favorite flavor, what you think your guest will like, or a combination of both? Hopefully this will help you better decide.

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, what flavor will everyone like?

Cake flavors how many are there?

There are endless cake flavors, and new ones being invented all the time. What about types of cake? The list seems endless also, don't believe me click here for a giant list of types of cakes from Wikipedia. So many options how is a person able to choose?

The best way to choose is to first think about who will be eating your cake? Will it be just a few close friends, a lot of kids, or a bunch of adults? A bunch of kids at a party probably aren't going to want a pistachio flavored cake with honey cream cheese frosting. Who knows though, you might be surprised and the kids all eat it cause its green and cool looking. Don't feel like you have to settle for just vanilla and/or chocolate, its okay to step out of the box, do still keep in mind who will be eating it.

I want German Chocolate Cake, but will others?

If you are just craving a unique flavor combination that you think half your guests might not like, I have a solution. Adult smash cake! Who says that one year old's should get all the fun.? Now as a adult you don't have to "smash" it, (unless you want to, then go ahead, smash it, it's your celebration, lol) but it's a good way to get a small celebration cake tailored exactly to what flavors you like best without worrying weather or not others will like it.

Another option is to do your main celebration cake how you want. Example: a dark chocolate cake, covered in peanut butter buttercream, drizzled with chocolate ganache and topped off with peanut butter cups. Are you drooling? I just about am. Then for your guests that don't like chocolate or peanut butter, have some simple vanilla cupcakes with something on top to go along with your theme. Everyone's happy.

Still don't know what to choose?

Don't sweat it. In the end you won't please everyone. Its your celebration, make it how you want it. You are likely to please most of your guests just by the fact that you offered cake! Not everyone may eat it and that's okay, they came to celebrate with you and that's what matters. Enjoy your day, and enjoy your cake.

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