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Picking a design for your cake.

Updated: May 1, 2019

Picking a design for your cake can sometimes be hard especially if you don't know where to start. What colors, shapes, flowers, etc. do you want to use. It can get over whelming having so many choices to choose from.

How to get the light bulb aha moment for your design?

Where to start?

First you will need some inspiration. Google, Instagram, and Pinterest are great helpers to get inspiration. Just type in cake and a whole bunch of pictures will randomly pop up. You most likely wont see your dream cake on the first google, Instagram or Pinterest search, and with so many choices how do you narrow it down? First think of who you are getting the cake for? Male or female, hobbies, likes, or favorite color? Start with the one you know that best about them, and go from there.

What do I want on my cake?

Lets say you know they are a female who likes purple, and gardening. Googling "purple cake with flowers" would be a good place to start. Next take into consideration size. Some designs look best at different sizes. Do you want a two tier, single cake or bigger? You can add that into your google (example: 2 tiered purple cake with flowers). By this time you should be able to narrow down at least what color and designs you like.

Now the fun part! Putting it all together. You don't have to go with exactly how a picture design looks. You can mix and match designs from multiple pictures. Like the flower in one, but the buttercream details on another? This is when working with a custom came baker really comes in handy. We can take all your different inspirations and combine them into your very own cake. Below I was given three different pictures for each tier. I took those three different pictures and created a new design especially for the customer.

Three different pictures put together to create one fabulous design!

Review and Tips:

  1. Use sites like google, Instagram, and Pinterest to get inspiration.

  2. Think about what you know most about the person.

  3. Size, how big or small do you need it to be?

  4. Don't be afraid to use multiple places and pictures to create a design.

  5. Utilize the help of a experienced and creative custom cake baker.

  6. When in doubt, go simple and classic. Your loved one, friend, or coworker etc. will be grateful that you thought of giving them something special, even if its not Donkey Kong swinging from a vine off of a two tiered jungle cake (maybe next year, lol).

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